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Tissue Requests

The September 2016 Guidelines on the harvesting, processing and distribution of donated tissues for transplantation specify that tissue requests must be sent to the tissue bank of the region of the applicant organisation, or to a facility with which that region has a    specific agreement. If the applicant's region does not have a recognised tissue bank, the applicant facility must contact its Regional Referral Centre for      authorisation to forward    the request to an Italian tissue bank.

Tissue requests must be addressed to the TTBF at least one week before a planned surgical operation. Applications must be made on special forms and clearly indicate the date of the surgery and details as to where the tissue is to be delivered.

If the TTBF does not have the tissue required, it will conduct a search among other tissue banks in Italy. If no Italian tissue bank has availability, the request will be extended to banks outside of Italy.

Each single package of tissue must be used exclusively for a single recipient.


Tissue Request Application Form