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Training and Communication

The Treviso Tissue Bank Foundation works with a range of specialists to disseminate its results and promote awareness of the possible clinical uses of homologous tissues.

Procurement Activity:

Procurement training aims to disseminate knowledge and understanding of the process of identifying potential tissue donors. Special courses give participants scientific, regulatory and operational indications regarding potential tissue donor selection, how to propose donation, inclusion and exclusion criteria, tissue harvesting, processing, and preservation techniques and distribution procedures making tissues available for clinical use.

This training activity is developed in partnership with the Regional Hospital Coordinator of the requesting Hospital. Course attendees are usually medical and nursing staff of the various hospitals involved. Courses are held in venues indicated by the Local Coordinator.

Courses on tissue procurement are designed to introduce the topic and subsequently provide updates for attendees. The participative sessions deal with the various phases of procurement and the documents and procedures involved.

The TTBF illustrates what is done in the laboratory: processing, assessment and preservation of tissues. Medical personnel are also given a clear overview of the different clinical uses to which donated tissue can be put.

Training on Tissue Use

In partnership with scientific societies, hospitals and university departments, the Tissue Bank runs training courses for surgeons on tissue donation organisation and use. The aim is to contribute to maintaining a transparent service offering as well as illustrate current procedures and potential use of donor tissue going forward.

TTBF is a keen participant in the training courses and conferences organised by specialist scientific organisations, hospitals and university departments.

The Foundation's training courses are all listed and described in the UNI EN  9001:2008 certified Quality Management Control procedures.