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Multi-tissue Harvesting

Multi-tissue harvesting is carried out by a specialist team of doctors and technical experts who are available round-the-clock.

On receiving information of donor suitability and the specifics of the tissues to be     retrieved, the team goes to the hospital and, in compliance with regulations, performs     the procedure in an operating theatre in order to reduce the risk of bacterial     contamination and ensure that the harvested tissues are maintained in excellent     condition.

Before the harvesting procedure, the doctor identifies the donor, checks that the patient presents no features that would make him/her unsuitable for tissue donation, and ascertains that consent to donation has been given.

The harvesting team is completely independent of the hospital facility where it happens to be operating, both with regard to the equipment and any support personnel that may be required.

Multi-tissue harvesting is a delicate and complex surgical operation and is performed using procedures and strict protocols refined with experience.

Surgical reconstruction of the body is a very important feature. This delicate task is performed meticulously by the team, which treats the donor's body with the utmost care and respect. In a procedure lasting a total of 3 to 4 hours, very often the time taken for reconstruction is longer than the actual organ retrieval. Wooden prostheses and fixation systems such as plaques and metal screws are used along with gauze, cotton and previously modelled plaster casts to ensure that the donor's anatomical structure is as faithfully reproduced as possible.