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Orthopaedic surgery makes wide use of bone tissue, either freeze-dried or preserved at low temperatures.

In recent years orthopaedic surgery has developed techniques and uses for tissue that are very often tailor-made for the individual patient. As well as for cancer surgery, donor tissues are also used for ligament repair, meniscus transplantation and prosthetic revision surgery. Depending on the clinical indications, bone tissue - especially freeze-dried or demineralised material - can be inserted and manipulated through the surgical incision. The orthopaedic surgeon requests tissue for transplantation and the most suitable tissue compatible with patient morphology is then delivered.

Allogenic bone taken from a living donor  - for example patients undergoing hip replacement who have agreed that the femural head being removed may become donor tissue - is frequently used in revision hip surgery to fill post-traumatic or post surgical skeletal defects. Bone tissue is also used after tumour removal or in vertebral arthrodesis surgery.