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Tissue Processing

Recent decades have been marked by enormous strides in successful transplantation of tissues and cells thanks to advances in cell culture techniques and cryo-biology (biology at very low temperatures of -800C and  -1600C). It has been shown that frozen or cryopreserved homologous tissues maintain their original haemodynamic, inductive, conductive and elastic properties and so, can be considered excellent transplantation material.

On arrival at the Tissue Bank, each donation is attributed an ID code by specialist personnel. This allows every tissue specimen to be traced. After the packaging and documentation have been verified, the following tests are carried out on the incoming material:

  • Morphological assessment before processing starts and again before distribution. Each tissue is given a quality score according to a previously defined grading system;
  • Disinfection with antibiotic solutions. Radiation treatment is not used in order to avoid tissue damage;
  • Growth cultures are established to identify aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, mycetes (fungus) and mycobacteria. These tests are carried out during all processing phases.

Donated tissues are processed by laboratory personnel on the basis of their possible subsequent use. Processing takes place in laboratories certified class A and B.